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It is obviously food is one of the most important part of our life. A great many of people love desserts and a significant minority of them may want a deeper understand of dessert. But not all of them have time to go to training agency to learn about dessert for lots of reasons, have to work, go to class and so on. To those person, our site is going to collect details about dessert and its history for you to learn more and for your convenience to find anything you are insterested in. on you get deeply analyses and researches in the history of dessert and different recipes of dessert. Of course, lost of dessert photos will be post here, cake, tarte, pie, chou cream, cookie... To contact us, please use our contact form: contact us contact us.
Kardinal Schnitten and Vatican cake
Added: 13-09-2013, 10:32 | Comments: 20 | Views: 1386 | Group: kardinalschnitten

Kardinal Schnitten which is called Vatican Cake in English, is a light meringue dessert. It taste between braked cake and meringue puff pastry, and cover coffee-flavored cream in the middle of the cake.

How kardinal schnitten got the name

Kardinal Schnitten is one of the famous dessert in Vienna, it has its features. In the pass, instead of coffee-flavored cream, red currant jam was added in the cake. But the jam would infiltrated into the dough and coloring it. So nowadays kardinal schnitten is always cover with cream instead of jam.

The color between meringue pastry and the soft cake are white and yellow, this originates from the color of Vatican national flag, so this is the reason why kardinal schnitten is also named Vatican cake in English.

Kardinal Schnitten, Vatican cake
Added: 25-08-2013, 06:34 | Comments: 45 | Views: 1844 | Group: kardinalschnitten
Kardinal Schnitten / Vatican cake.