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The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe - From
Added: 23-09-2013, 04:04 | Comments: 19 | Views: 2985 | Group: The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe

The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 1The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 1

I have been baking since I started this hobby some 8 years ago and can be considered an intermediate level home baker but even till now, I still have a  fear for making sponge cakes. This is what would usually happen, the cakes would look beautifully puffed and tall in the oven but once cooled they'd collapse or shrink forming deep crater.... shrinking my confidence at the same time. Even when some do come out successfully  tall and beautiful, the texture inside would be either coarse or dry. Due to these  factors,  I am quite disheartened of ever making the perfect sponge cake, the holy grail of all sponge cakes, one that is made without the artificial aid of stabilisers and chemicals, has a texture which is fine, soft, tender, light, fluffy, airy and spongy, hold its shape well and most importantly moist.

The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 2The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 2

Recently while scouting for a new sponge cake recipe from the net, I found an interesting video on sponge cake making through a link from this blog "Happy Flour".  At first I thought it would just be another run-of-the-mill cake demo, and boy was I in for a surprise. In the video, after having beaten the eggs with sugar till thick and fluffy and doubled in volume, the lady instructor dumped the whole batch of flour onto the whipped eggs and  she proceeded with mixing using the hand held beaters. Yup, HAND HELD BEATERS! It defied the age old mantra where light handedness is of utmost importance when it comes to folding in flour in order not to break up the air bubbles. I was shock to see such man-handling. Then the shock turned into intrigue and I just had to try out this recipe no matter what. 

The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 2The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 2

I did exactly the same as the lady instructor in the video and man-handled the batter. And here's my result. It's the most successful and best looking sponge cake I've ever made on first  try and it didn't collapse or shrink at all! The sponge cake was very airy, spongy and springy. I am very satisfied with the outcome  except for one teeny tiny thing... it was just a teeny tiny tad dry, which also made it just a teeny tiny tad shy from being THE perfect sponge.

The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 4The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 4

However much I wish, alas this sponge cake is still not the elusive perfect sponge I'm looking for as I like my cake moist and this sponge is lacking it. Nevertheless,  this problem can be somewhat remedied by layering the sponge with cream or by sprinkling with some syrup. But still, not perfect.

The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 5The Almost Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 5

I split the sponge cake into two layers  and sandwiched them with buttercream icing (recipe also taken from Happy Flour here).